Spread love, gratitude & web3 with Soulflake

Send a soulbound NFT greeting card and a $MATIC gift to your frens and loved ones with Soulflake.

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Three steps to let it snow

Write your SBT

Write your SBT greeting card

Input the wallet address, ENS name or Lens handle of the recipient; pick a card theme; and write a nice message. We’ll take care of turning it into a soulbound NFT!


Add some $MATIC if you feel like it

Together with the greeting card, you can optionally send some $MATIC tokens. A nice little gift to get your frens started in web3!


Send and share your soulflake!

Hit “Send soulflake now!” and sign the transaction in your wallet to mint the soulflake to the recipient. Then help us let it snow by sharing your soulflake on Twitter!

let it snow image by Pawan Thapa

Got some soulflakes?

Check them out in your profile

Simply connect your wallet to check your profile, where you can view soulflakes you received. Check out the details and share them as you like!

Burn unwanted soulflakes

Got an annoying message or some soulflake spam? Open the soulflake detailed view and hit the “Burn” button to get rid of it. Learn more in the FAQ.

Want some inspiration?

Check out the Soulflake community wall to see love, gratitude and appreciation being shared by our community.